Date       :         September 24, 2010

To           :        Dr. Dennis


                        LCAC Scholarship

From      :         William W. Karpeh


                        LCAC Scholarship

RE          :        Situation REPORT

REF:  2nd semester 2009/10


Registration for the first (1st) semester has commenced in earnest. And three (3) of the beneficiaries, candidates, are expected to graduate. Moreover, I have made numerous calls for submission of grade sheets and  continue to as of the submission of this report. the BFO needs of our listing. And Monday normal classes at the University begin, while the registration closes by October 15th, the second week in next month.  However, those who have yielded to call and have submitted their grade sheets are as follows;


1.     Alexander Kessely [2.500]

2.     Archie Karser [2.750]

3.     Cyrus Cephas [3.000]

4.     Dave Karpilee [2.500]

5.     George Belaway (candidate) [2.428]

6.     Ida D. A. capehart (candidate) [2.571]

7.     Jack G. Flomo [2.800]

8.     Jeuty Davis (candidate) [3.307]

9.     Solomon Saah [3.307]

10.   Tenneh Toure [2.750]

11.   Varney K. Siafa [2.461]

12.    Vincent F. Eruophe [2.500]

13.    Winston T. Kesseh [1.333]

And those who have not submitted their grade sheets are as follows;

1.     Francis Fallah

2.     Jacob Nankay

3.     Victor Whea

4.     Wooiklee Sundayboy Paye

During the period mentioned above; LCAC Scholarship members discussed the below listed activities;


2.     Dr. Dennis’ Letter to members

3.     Website to join

4.     The new GPA regulation

5.     The computer stick (20 pen drives)

6.      Publicity relative to the distribution of the computer sticks


Considering the goodwill gesture, relative to helping their brothers back home achieve their educational desire, the beneficiaries of the LCAC Scholarship decided to organize themselves into an association named and styled LCAC SCHOLARS_UL. And this came from the background that they want to get to know one another better, which was pioneered by William Wortee Karpeh. For this reason they decided to have this association; not only for academic benefits, but as a social club that will be there, intended for togetherness of one another in good times as well as in bad ones. However, this is still in the formative stage. And roll-out is expected to commence during this semester with the conclusion of the draft constitution and the election of officers to steer the state-of-affairs of the new association.

2.     Dr. Dennis Letter to members

We received the letter from Dr. Dennis in which he mentioned; with deep regrets the abrupt cancelation of his planned trip to Monrovia due to major operation that his dear wife had to undergo. Additionally, he reaffirmed his support to see all his scholars, who will be maintained on the scheme until they graduate from the University of Liberia. Additionally, they were admonished that to study was their responsibility. It was made, emphatically; clear that all those who anticipated obtaining their masters degree upon the completion of graduation, the LCAC was at the moment unable to sponsor anyone this program.

3.     Website to join

All LCAC scholars were, also, admonished to join the MY LIBERIAN NETWORK website, established by Dr. Dennis, which could possibly open other opportunities to them as well. Moreover, it could serve as a resource center for them to enhance their achievements in their studies at the University.

4.     The new GPA regulation

For the GPA, it was mentioned, that while the support was there for the scholars they were also encouraged to be studious in their work and in so doing they would have to obtain a 2.500 GPA to be maintained on the scholarship scheme. I also mentioned that they should consider themselves amongst the luckiest on campus owing to the fact that to look for school fees was a thing of the past, but to study was all that was needed to be done. Additionally, I mentioned that other scholarship obligated their beneficiaries to a 3.500 GPA to be maintained, citing the Liberian in Jacksonville.

5.     The computer stick (20 pen drives)

As a gift promised from Dr. Dennis, twenty (20) pen drives were sent from the USA to all LCAC scholars, including the coordinator and two (2) staff members of the Business and Finance Office (BFO) that could help them store some of their academic works, music and any other thing that could possibly be stored through electronic means. Unfortunately, nineteen (19) pen drives were delivered and received through the UL president’s office. And the coordinator took delivery of same from the Vice President for Academic Affairs – Dr. Nelson. However, it was received with thanks and appreciation by those they were intended for.

6.      Publicity relative to the distribution of the computer sticks

As stated in Dr. D. letter, relative to the distribution of the pen drives, we were asked to invite some members of the media to cover the distribution exercise as well as some members of the authority and student community. Presently, we are mobilizing personal contributions from beneficiaries of the scholarship scheme for launching of the association. And during this exercise the pen drives will be distributed.

Constraints/challenges/RED FLAG 

One of the constraints faced, with, is the delay by some of the beneficiaries in bring their grade sheets (progress reports) to have same forwarded to the LCAC Committee in the USA.


ØI have observed that from the University position, as it relates to BFO, there are no hindrances to our registration process owing to the fact that our fees are always paid on time, unlike other scholarship scheme their scholars are embarrassed endlessly during the registration process.

ØI also observed that those that are delaying in bringing their grade sheets are the ones that have not met up with the GPA requirement.

ØI observed that some of the beneficiaries have gone on probation and are holding back on submitting their grade sheet.



ØBy Friday I will no longer call, message or accept grade sheets.