The University of Liberia Scholarship Program Sponsored by the Liberian Community Association of Connecticut


In 2009, The Liberian Community Association of Connecticut (LCAC) began an initiative to raise funds for the payment of Tuition and Fees for students at the University of Liberia. A fifteen year civil uprising in Liberia left many of the young people with nothing to hope for, and shifted their thinking to survival with just the basics of life. In the midst of this, LCAC firmly believed that the bright future of Liberia rests in the hands of its youth.   It is in this regard that the Liberian Community Association of Connecticut planned and organized a Scholarship Fund to give deserving young people of Liberia the opportunity to get a college education and help raise their country out of the darkness of despair and into the light of hope, progress and development.
The short term goal is to sponsor twenty (20) students to pursue their educational dreams at the University of Liberia beginning in the 2009-2010 academic year. 


a)  Spread the word in Liberia about the scholarship offer with posters on the University of Liberia campus and with radio announcements for the general public.

b)  Establish a six member scholarship committee in Connecticut to manage the selection and awarding of scholarships offered by LCAC to students of the University of Liberia.

c)  Create a website where students could submit an application for the scholarship.


May 31, 2009 – Scholarship Selection Day

A total of 150 scholarship applications from students in Liberia were received. On Sunday, May 31, 2009, at the Faith Revival Temple church in West Haven, Connecticut, 20 students were selected as winners of the scholarships. 

The selection procedure was as follows:  The 150 applications were numbered and paper cut-outs, with numbers corresponding to each application, were placed in a basket for the selection of the 20 winners. The process was free, fair and transparent and not based on merit but instead on a random selection.  Twenty numbered papers were selected by members of the church audience and the applications corresponding to those numbers were the 20 students who won the scholarship.  The members of the church were Liberians who reside in Connecticut.

The twenty scholarship recipients were notified by email and officials at the University of Liberia were contacted to verify their status and make arrangement for the payment of their tuition and fees for the 2009-2010 academic year.

The Scholarship Committee

The six member UL Scholarship Committee was created as an ad-hoc committee.  Key duties spelled out:

  1. To coordinate the process for funding of the scholarship program.
  2. To define and develop the general requirements for eligibility.
  3. To define and develop the criteria on which applications are reviewed.
  4. To solicit and review applications, select and reward scholarships for qualified applicants.
  5. To monitor the performance and responsibilities required of each holder.
  6. To receive data on all scholarships awarded and report the date to the Executive Committee.
  7. To advertise availability of scholarships.
  8. To announce winners at a General Assembly of the LCAC or Executive Committee Meeting
  9. To define and develop the administration of each scholarship
  10. To define and develop the scenario and/or circumstances under which a scholarship may be withdrawn and unused balance refunded to the Association
  11. To seek out new grants and scholarships, including designated scholarships and grants.

Composition and Appointment of Members

The composition of the UL Scholarship committee shall consist of a chairperson, co-chairperson and members willing to volunteer their services and appointed by the President in accordance with the Constitution of LCAC.


Meetings will be held as necessary and they are scheduled by the Chairman, with advance notice to the members.


The Committee will report in writing on its activities and programs regularly to the Executive Committee.  If necessary, the Committee may be required to present a report to the board of Directors and/or the general Assembly.

Original Committee Members

Dr. Emmett C. Dennis, Chairman 

Mrs. Salome Quirmolue, CoChair

Mr. William Johnson                             
Mr. Jacob Okai 

Rev. Caleb Yarlatai

Mr. James Blyee 

Mr. Joseph Morris, Advisor